Extensive gliding offer

If you are looking for a wide range of gliding options, then Puimoisson is the right airfield in the south of France.

Located on the Valensole plateau, directly on the foothills of the Alps, Puimoisson offers the possibility of extended flights over the plateau and is an ideal starting point for flights into the high mountains. Optimal thermal conditions as well as the possibility of wave flights, combined with short towing times and early take-off possibilities, round off the offer.

operating period

March 1 until October 31

2 runways east-west / north-south

Allow the start in any direction, even in strong winds (Mistral)

Brilliant starting position

3,5 km east of Puimoisson, 10 km north of lake St. Croix
Airfield altitude 750 m

flight operations

  • Daily briefing (in French and English) with weather information, flight and safety instructions obligatory at 10:00 am at the restaurant
  • Flight operations are operated by the club ‘Puiplaneur’
  • floor ropes for fixing gliders and trailers
  • Water and power connections near the trailer
  • oxygen
  • Bar-Restaurant
  • Camping site
  • 16 fully equipped bungalows

Restaurant on the square

The restaurant has its own website http://restaurant-dhelice-puimoisson.com There orders and reservations are accepted online!
Reservations and bread orders by phone or WhatsApp:
Aurore 00 33 6 35 40 69 59
Flight operations in Puimoisson
The general flight operating rules and the French aviation laws must be observed! There will be a special newcomer briefing for all new pilots in Puimoisson on the first flight day. Please note the airfield overview in the briefing room and on the terrace!
aircraft parking
  • Please park your aircraft only on the parking areas shown in the airport overview. If you can’t decide, please ask the chief pilot.
  • The parking of aircraft, trailers and cars is only allowed behind the concrete markings, at least 15 m outside the runway or from the middle of the taxiway.
  • The area in front of the restaurant is reserved for open – class – airplanes with more than 24 m wingspan.
Ground traffic/transport:
  • Use only the asphalted taxiway to bring your plane to the take off.
  • Stay on asphalt as much as you can.
  • Avoid riding on grass as much as possible – Provence is very dry, grass grows badly.
  • Motorized airplanes and gliders have priority, whether pushed by hand, pulled by car or rolling by their own power.
  • In order to protect the grass, crossing vehicles always only slightly move to the right. This keeps the left wheels on asphalt and the right wheels on grass for only a short time.
  • It is not allowed to pull planes on the runway to take off.
  • Maximum speed at airfield is 10 km/h, at camping 5 km/h
  • Stop when crossing the 16/34 and make sure the runway is clear and nobody starts or lands.
  • Whether you are driving or walking, always cross the 08/26 piste as far east as possible, as close as possible to the road. Watch out for approaching planes!
Starting grid for Tow on the 26
  • Position the aircraft in 2 rows as close together as possible behind the 26L threshold.
  • Because of the gradient, you must place a stone or wedge in front of the wheel or apply the parking brake.
  • If the crosswind component is more than 20 knots the start on the 26 is prohibited!
Ground transport, parking and starting grid runway 16
  • A special briefing will be held during flight operations on 34.
  • Check the approach when you take your plane to the start of 16.
  • The 16 must not be driven on during take-off and landing.
    Caution on the taxiway when crossing runway 16/34 during take-off and landing!
  • Less space at the start of the 16th. Park your plane near the east side of the runway. The tow rope will be dropped, please always keep the drop zone clear.
  • Self launch on runway 16 is not recommended for aircraft with weak engines such as ASW 24e, DG 600m and early models of the ASH 25.
Self launch runway 34
  • Check the obstacle clearance on the runway and taxiway as well as the on and departure along the 08/26
  • Radio when rolling up: e.g. „Puimoisson, DG 800, D- KISS, lining up runway 16” Danach: “ Puimoisson, DG 800, D-KISS, taking off runway 16“
  • Expected turbulence during take-off and at the end of the runway
  • With a headwind component below 15 knots the start on the 16 is not allowed.
In the air
  • Circles only on the left in the airfield area, be ready to listen on frequency 123.5 Frequency change after departure
  • Never fly over the area below 1400 m msl, except during take-off and landing.
  • Never fly the last curve under 100m agl. A lower curve leads to a ban for one or more days.
  • If you are low you can also land on any other slope, the decision is yours…
  • Radio: e.g.:“ Puimoisson, OE-1234, low, landing on runway 16, request priority”
  • All surrounding fields are easy to land, If you are very low, better land next to the airfield.
  • Lavender fields are easy to land (even if they don’t look like them), land along or at right angles to the rows.
  • No cramp curves near the ground!
  • Landing against each other is forbidden on all runways!
  • Only left circles in the sink zone above the village Puimoisson
  • Radio your intention: e.g. „Puimoisson, LS8, F-ABCD, descending aerea, 1500 m, for landing ( as number 3)“
  • Priority for lower aircraft
  • Landings on runway 26 have priority
  • Downwind in 1000m or higher. Example radio message: ” Puimoisson, LS8 F-ABCD, downwind 26, gear down and locked ( number 1 in sight )”. Check the windsock!
  • Also report the base and final when there is heavy traffic or when you are short with others.
Exceptionally landing on the 08
  • Example radio message in the sink area above the town: „Puimoisson, LS6, HB 1234, descending aerea, 1300 m, for landing 08 R, (other traffic in sight)“
  • Final, e.g.: „ Puimoisson, LS6, HB-1234, long final 08R, gear down and locked“
  • eee
  • Leave the piste as fast as you can to the right, heading south.
  • Attention: Landing against each other is forbidden!
Landing 34
  • Report in the sink area that you’re landing on 34. Check the windsock
  • In very strong winds: Follow the slope of the Colostre valley and make sure that you fly over the road at the beginning of the runway at more than 15 m / 50 ft height, better more. Pay attention to road traffic.
  • In the worst case: the fields in the valley and in the vicinity of the pistes are easy to land.
  • Plan approach and landing in relation to wind speed. Runway 34 is only 530 m long!
  • Watch out for cross traffic on runway 08/26 and for obstacle clearance on the taxiway as well.
  • Expected turbulence during approach
  • Get off the track as fast as you can.
Landing 16
  • Report to the sink area that you’re landing on 16. Check the windsock!
  • In very strong winds, follow the slope of the Réme valley.
  • Plan approach and landing in relation to wind speed. Runway 16 is only 530 m long!
  • Watch out for cross traffic on runway 08/26 and for obstacle clearance on the taxiway as well.
  • Expected turbulence during approach
  • Leave the piste as fast as you can

Holidays in Provence

airfield and chalets are framed by lavender fields. During flowering, in June and July, the blue fields are complemented by the scent of myriads of flowers.

Fascinating prospects

The holiday in Puimoisson offers an insight into the diversity of the region with the Canyon du Verdon, the lake of St. Croix or the town Moustier St. Marie known for its faience.

Chalet & Camping

Our chalets and the campsite offer you and your family a comfortable stay close to the action. In a few minutes you can walk to the take-off area, the restaurant, the tennis court and the swimming pool as well as to your aircraft parking space.

Short distances

You don’t have to drive away, you can also enjoy the sun of Provence at the airport, enjoy the scent of lavender in summer and cool off in the swimming pool.
For tennis lovers, there is a well-kept court next to the swimming pool for free use.


Be a guest in Provence. We look forward to seeing you…


frei / available / libre
gebucht / booked / complet
reserviert/ reserved / réservé
Here are some more hints:
Chalets, mobile homes and caravans can only be reserved from Saturday to Saturday. Please do not expect us to confirm your reservation.your reservation has arrived, you can see here in the booking calendar: your initials are in the box of the respective chalet at your desired date. if your desired date is no longer available - please register anyway. We will find a solution for you - for example in nice private quarters near the airport.

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Airfield use Puimoisson - Airfield company CVVP

Our offer for your first visit to Puimoisson since 2010:
50% discount on accommodation and camping between 01 March and 31 May each year!

Saison 2019:

Reported flights
Nationalities are our guests
Pilots (OLC)
No flight operations on the webcam?
Starts in Puimoisson usually between 1100 and 13 o’clock, lands from 18 o’clock until sunset. In between there is very few, often no flight operation at all to be seen on the webcams.
direction sud
Richtung Süden
direction South
direction sud-ouest
Richtung Süd-Westen
direction South-West
direction ouest
Richtung Westen
direction West


CVVP Centre de Vol a voile de Puimoisson
Société à responsabilité limitée
au capital social de 276.969,36 Euro
Siége social: Aérodrome - Puimoisson (4410)
RCS MANOSQUE B 325 346 013
N° TVA intracommunautaire: FR 92 325 346 013

+33(0) 492744699 (eng/fr)


Chemin de aérodrome, 04410 Puimoisson, France

1.03.- 31.10. des Jahres

Geschäftsführer: Alfred Spindelberger


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